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Thank you for taking your time to read the information below.

  • Practice Patience. We want to keep our practice OPEN. Please be patient with us as we adjust to the new changes in the time of COVID-19.​


  • Masks are REQUIRED. No exceptions! (We are in a Medical Space)  We will not be providing services if you are not wearing a mask. MASK ON to enter the building.  If you arrive without a mask, we will give you a disposable mask to use and keep. If you refuse to wear a mask then you will be turned away. * I am looking out for you, myself, the staff and other guests.


  • We respectfully ask that you arrive at your appointment time and wait outside until we come to greet you. You’ll be offered hand sanitizer before your appointment can begin. We’d love to have you stay all day but we must ask that you exit the clinic immediately following your appointment check-out. Due to state guidelines, our lobby will not be available for use, till further notice.


  • Temperatures will be taken. Anyone with a temperature of 100.3 or higher, will not be serviced and will be rescheduled for 72 hours to 14 days out (depending on circumstance).  

  • Shoes need to stay outside the massage room. (It helps decrease the spread of bacteria). 


  • No cell phones allowed, Please do not use your cell phone during your appointment. Turn to not disturb, if possible.


  • Come Alone. Only guests with appointments will be allowed in the clinic. No partners, no children, no friends, and no pets. If someone is dropping you off please make arrangements for them to pick you up in a timely manner as the lobby seating will temporarily be closed. 


  • Cancellation & No-Show Fees. During this time, cancellation fees will be waived if health is compromised or if COVID-19 exposure is in question. Please be considerate and truthful when calling to reschedule. If you or your household is feeling even the slightest bit sickly, let’s reschedule. We ask that you do not purposely risk the health of our staff or other guests. No-Show appointments will now be charged 100% of service price due to the high demand & limited availability of appointment slots. 


  • New Prices. Expect to see prices increased across the self-care industry as a whole. New guidelines for health providers prevent us from working at full capacity, forcing us to take less clients per day.

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